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Performance British
7 Sweetnam Drive, Unit 391
Stittsville, Ontario
K2S 1G3, Canada

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V8 Crankshaft Bottom Pulley
Bottom Pulley made to exact MGB-V8 Specifications. Will line-up with Alternator and Water pump
Price: $275.00

V8 Exhaust Gaskets (1 set)


High Performance V8 Exhaust Gaskets
Price: $26.56

V8 Fibreglass Airbox for SU's


Fibreglass Airbox for SU carbs
Price: $210.00

v8 front badge plinth
v8 front badge plinth
Steel Mounting bracket for the V8 Badge. (Grille Mount)
Price: $21.90

V8 High Performance Alternator
V8 High Performance Alternator
High Amperage Alternator specifically for the V8 Application
Price: $215.00

V8 Lay Gear Original Gearbox (subject to availability)
22B702 Inquire for current availability
Price: $720.00

V8 Lucas O/E Plug Wires


V8 Lucas O/E Plug Wires 7mm Black. To fit the original factory car. Other styles available. Please ask.
Price: $81.00

v8 Oil Filter Base & Unions
v8 Oil Filter Base & Unions
To remotely set your Oil Filter on the inner wing/fender well just as the factory did on the MGB-GTV8. Will solve the oil filter clearance problems with the steering rack
Price: $79.00

V8 oil pipes (set of 3 )
V8 oil pipes (set of 3 )
V8 oil pipe set to connect the Oil pump base, Oil Filter Base and Oil cooler. The Oil cooler must be mounted in the rubber bumper position
Price: $92.00

V8 Oil Pump Base
V8 Oil Pump Base
V8 Oil Pump base to clear the steering rack and connect to the Remote Oil Filter Base
Price: $298.00

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